The Right Pair Of Shoes Make A Huge Difference

Most people start an exercise routine with every intention of sticking with it. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of reasons and excuses that can crop up that will derail plans before they even really get off the ground. One of the most frequent excuses for getting out of a routine is pain – especially foot and leg pain.

While there are plenty of specifics that can cause leg and foot pain for those who are working out – especially if running or heavy aerobics are involved – improper shoes are quite often a serious culprit. If a person doesn’t wear a good pair of shoes while working out, all kinds of problems can arise.

Poorly fit shoes can:

  • Cause blisters and chafing
  • Promote bruising on the bottom of the feet, especially for runners
  • Add to or create calve pain
  • Promote cramping
  • Increase the likelihood of injury due to a lack of support.

Of course you may be a minimalist and are now working out with Vibrams, Converse flat soles, or even barefoot training, however this article is about when you do choose to purchase a workout shoe other than a minimalist shoe what to look for specifically that will best serve your needs.

Selecting Proper Shoes

Buying good workout shoes isn’t quite like picking out a pair of loafers for the office. Since intense physical activity is the plan when wearing these shoes, the fit must be excellent and the support provided proper.

Here are tips for buying the right shoes for exercise:

  • Be sure to buy the right type of shoe – All sneakers are not made alike. Some are designed specifically for runners, others are meant to provide the right support for basketball, aerobics, walking and other forms of activity. Be sure to look at the right shoes for the desired exercise.
  • Only try on shoes late in the day – As the day wears on, the feet tend to swell a bit. You may experience this personally. Trying shoes on when feet are at their largest is likely to produce the best possible fit.
  • Be picky about how your shoe feels – When trying shoes on, make sure there’s some space between the front of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. There should be enough room to easily wiggle the toes. If there’s not, a larger size is in order.
  • Trust the eyes as well – Once a seemingly good fit is found, take the shoes off and place them next to the feet. A good fit will appear slightly longer and wider than the feet. If shoes aren’t obviously bigger, consider going up a half size.
  • Consult an expert – Fitness professionals often have wonderful recommendations on the types of shoes that provide the best fit and support for certain activities. Also a well-respected podiatrist can offer insight into what shoe is most beneficial for you based on your foot action.
  • Go high-tech – There are shoe stores for athletes that combine science in with fittings. They do this by using special sensors that gauge pressure points when a person is working out. This enables employees to find the right fitting shoes for each individual customer.

There are plenty of reasons that exercise routines get sidelined. To increase chances of enjoying success, start from the bottom up. Get a good fitting, comfortable pair of shoes that you feel good about wearing and your new or well established routine can start again on the right foot.

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