Personal Training In Marin Success Story Bruce Noda

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Personal Training In Marin Success Story Joan Clements

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“I highly recommend John to anyone who is serious in improving their health and fitness…”

I’ve achieved terrific results working with John Spongberg as my personal trainer. After 30 years in a stressful and sedentary job, I felt it was time to get some help to improve my fitness and health. During our initial visits, John assessed my mobility, flexibility, strength, and general fitness. John developed a specific program to increase my core stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. … [Read more...]

“He deeply cares about his clients”

"I found John to be the best fitness trainer I have ever used. He deeply cares about his clients and their physical health. He also seems to truly understand how the body works and how it is interconnected. I didn't even know I had hamstrings." Larry Krause Mill Valley … [Read more...]

“John’s help has made a tremendous difference!”

Whether you're in SF, the East Bay, Sonoma County, or Marin County, contact John if you want to work with a trainer who's very knowledgeable & thorough, a great motivator, extremely patient, and a truly nice person. Since April 2008, I've been fighting decades of inactivity, and John's help has made a tremendous difference in my general energy level, endurance in demanding situations, … [Read more...]

“John’s very patient and kind.”

John is excellent at working with people who have had surgery or injuries. He finds what a client's limits are and tailors a rebuilding program. He's very patient and kind. John Isaacs Novato … [Read more...]

“John was my trainer for about a year; he is really dedicated to his professional and the results of his clients, and he also made working out fun.”

"He was really tuned-in to the physical, physiological, lifestyle and emotional challenges impacting my overall fitness. I would recommend him to anyone needing some support and guidance to better health." Barbara Saxby San Rafael … [Read more...]

“I had never worked out with a personal trainer when I began working out with John about a year ago.”

"I found him informative and very interested in what he does. His outdoor fitness class on Saturdays is really fun and a great workout. I would highly recommend John if you are new to personal training and want someone to get you into shape without risking injury." Rachel Castrejon San Anselmo … [Read more...]

“Thank You!”

John is very good at understanding his client's physical limitations and adjusting the work out program to produce the best results without injury. Dan Kingsley Kentfield … [Read more...]

“In the two years I have worked with John he has done a great job both educating and motivating me to achieve greater personal health.”

The training is challenging and the focus on an integrated approach has got me thinking about how I’m fueling my body as well as how to build my strength and flexibility. I feel good, I’m losing weight naturally and I have the energy to maintain a wonderfully active lifestyle. John is a master at keeping me on track towards achieving my personal goals. Paul Zeger Greenbrae … [Read more...]