What’s Home Training Like? Power Plate My7 and ROM Machine Training

I have the pleasure of getting up each day and really enjoying what I do. When I see a client begin to transform their life it is extremely gratifying. Not everyone has the convenience and luxury of training from their home, but it really makes it sweet when a client is comfortable in their surroundings. I have found over the years not everyone is comfortable training in front of others; some enjoy their privacy but they still desire to be fit and healthy. I have been home training with one of my clients for about 50 sessions now. Chuck is making excellent progress in every aspect of his training. His stamina and endurance is showing consistent improvement along with other key components of conditioning. With Chuck, we have the opportunity to use 2 very unique training devices. The Power Plate, which is a 3 dimensional vibration machine and the ROM which is a ruggedly built stepper and rowing machine. Below is a couple of home videos introducing you to both of these well-designed and effective training machines.

The Power Plate is a multifaceted tool for training mobility, stability, strength, power, and even incorporates a massage component. You will find all kinds of athletes using the Power Plate in their training. The celebrities have followed as many well-known actors and actresses have their own Power Plates. Whole body vibration training which is what I do with Chuck can be as challenging and difficult as I want to make it for him. The key is to find a movement suitable to Chuck’s present capabilities. For Chuck we are specifically working on weight loss. Check out this article to lose 50 pounds of fat fast, effectively, and within the clients capabilities. How Do I Lose 5o Lbs. of FAT? Overall, the workloads for Chuck on the Power Plate is between 15-20 minutes with appropriate rest when Chuck’s heart rate accelerates too quickly, thus the importance of using a heart rate monitor when we are training. The Power Plate is very neurally demanding. It vibrates in 3 planes of motion and stimulates the muscle spindle which activates more muscle fiber. Your nervous system will be activated and challenged with the Power Plate. Remember, resistance training and vibration training are both excellent tools for developing and challenging movement in your training programs. Frankly, movement is what we all need in our lives. Chuck is constantly moving in his training program and is moving better now than ever before.

Home training is fun and multidimensional…literally for Chuck and I. The ROM machine that you see above is built like a tank. This machine is built on the premise that you only need to use it for 4 minutes a day. (Oh how sweet that would be). You alternate between the lower and upper body each day. However, when you’re looking for serious results you need to apply serious tactics. Chuck is now able to work on the ROM machine multiple times during his workout, which would initially tire him out in just a few minutes. We alternate between the stepping and rowing. The rowing feature also incorporates the pushing muscles after the pull, so you get the post chain upper body as well as the anterior chain upper body. The step-up has the greatest range of motion for hip flexion and extension on a machine I have ever seen. It can be extremely challenging when implemented but you have to work your way up to it. Undoubtedly, you get out of the ROM machine what you put into it. I could highlight many more intricacies on both of these high powered machines, but I think through the videos and descriptions you will get a pretty good idea of their effectiveness. The levels of intensity can be increased dramatically when the client is ready for that type of stimulus.

It’s amazing the tools and toys that can go into your home gym. Keeping yourself motivated, challenged, and progressing forward towards your goals is a key practice. So far, Chuck is well on his way to meeting his goals, but more importantly he is looking forward to his workouts now. Chuck is feeling better, stronger, and with increased energy to move around more freely. I asked him when we first started working together if he liked working out. He looked at me like “are you crazy?” Now, Chuck is appreciating the progression in his fitness transformation. Believe it or not he’s actually looking forward to working out 3 days per week with me. So, no one has to kill themselves to be fit and healthy. Finding the right workload is extremely important so you can do all your other important daily living activities. Like I mentioned I love my job, I get to help clients, friends, and family feel good about themselves. If you’re looking to feel rejuvenated, get back your body, and take it to your next level…step on up like Chuck did: Free Fitness Coaching

Check out another Power Plate video below where Chuck demonstrates his core stability and strength…it may just appear like another push-up but I guarantee that until you personally “feel it” yourself…you don’t know how difficult it actually is.

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