Knowledgeable Supplementation

Knowledgeable Supplementation begins with asking yourself… “How well do I usually care for myself…do I eat the right kind of foods regularly… and how can I improve my health by the foods and supplements that I do choose?” Lets start first with the basics…do I need a multi-mineral vitamin and what type should I be looking for?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I get my needed vitamins and minerals through my daily food intake?
  2. Do I eat more “fast food” or processed food than whole foods?
  3. Is my schedule so busy that many times I just skip meals?
  4. Do I eat more commercially farmed products that contain less overall nutrients?
  5. Is the multi-mineral vitamin I take filled with additives and synthetic sources?

Many people take vitamins, but don’t really know how vitamins differ from one another. There are many ways to evaluate supplements, but here are some key ideas to look for:

  1. Avoid additives and synthetic nutrients
  2. Look for a highly reputable company with the highest quality control manufacturing practices
  3. Optimal nutrition should go beyond RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowance) & RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake)
  4. Essential minerals add a unique layer of nutritional support

Choose a multivitamin that will support your nutritional needs and supply you with added insurance against vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A supportive multivitamin should offer these benefits. Click here to understand many of the differences.

Wholefood Multivitamin

Supplementation will enhance your health when you can honestly answer the question, “Do I eat supportively to nourish and strengthen my body? Unfortunately, most of don’t eat the “right foods,” but you can take action and provide yourself with a few quality supplements. Take omega 3 fatty acids for instance, not everybody likes fish or salmon, but the importance of omega 3’s cannot be overemphasized. The majority of people take in way too many omega 6’s and not near enough omega 3’s with EPA and DHA. You need omega 3’s fatty acids to decrease the inflammation in your body and provide good heart health while promoting a strong immune system. Are you eating contaminant free wild salmon 2 times a week? I don’t know too many people that are. Click here to learn how you can protect your health.'s NKO Krill Oil

How about building muscle or creating muscle tone to increase your metabolism? Are you supplementing with an effective post workout whey protein to build your metabolism? Whey protein is the most powerful supplement you can take to increase your lean muscle mass after a challenging workout. Unfortunately, most whey protein is full of fillers and additives. But there is a quality alternative to much of the “garbage” out there. Click here to check out a quality whey I recommend and why.

Whey Healtheir Protein Mix!

What about building and strengthening your immune system? How many times a year are you down with a cold or flu? Are you practicing a diet that supports your intestinal tract? Sugars, yeast, and fungi can all tax your body and weaken your immune system. Finding a strong balance of bacteria within your body can supply you with energy and keep your intestinal tract healthy and working effectively. Not all probiotics are the same…click here to learn how they differ.

Complete Probiotics Digestive

I think making smart choices about your health and proper supplementation is extremely important, however I don’t encourage you to be wasteful about your supplements. If you eat whole foods most of the time, I would encourage you to continue providing your body with this type of supportive nutrition. If you would like some added insurance because you know you don’t always make the “right choices,” when it comes to food, then I would strongly consider many of the supplements listed above. These supplements are broad based and could be very beneficial to you. If you have any questions or would like more information about knowledgeable supplementation please contact me.

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