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“workouts are always different, fun and challenging. John will keep you motivated and headed in the right direction!”

I'm a swimmer, cyclists and massage therapist so I'm using my body all the time. I have been working with John the past couple of years he's helped me stay strong and injury free. His workouts are always different, fun and challenging. If you're … [Read More...]

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The Serious Bodies Still Use the Stairs!

You walk up to an elevator and notice the sign for the stairs close by. You stop and consider the options but decide to press the up button and take the ride to where you’re going. You’ve chose the easy way. Come on, admit it; you’ve done this! If you’re trying to get into shape, however, going for … [Read More...]

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Lemon-Tahini Sauce Drizzled Over Roasted Squash

Browned edges mean great flavor for this side. If the squash hasn't browned, roast it a little longer. 6 servings Active: 20 minutes Total: 40 minutes Ingredients 1 small kabocha squash or large acorn squash (1 … [Read More...]