Small Group Personal Training in Marin


Would you like to partner with friends, your spouse, or have us find a workout partner for you? Do you already have your own group that you like to work out with but you need some new ideas and movements to make it more fun and exciting? How about taking advantage of more affordable training and inspiring coaching that is fun and results driven? This small group atmosphere will motivate you and help to keep you accountable and moving forward towards having the body and health you’ve always wanted.

Having your own fitness coach offers massive benefits. Doesn’t everybody perform and achieve at higher levels with a motivating and knowledgeable coach? Isn’t that why the very best athletes in the world hire coaches? Semi Private/small group training is still personalized. You will have your own programs suitable to your fitness level. Personal Training in Marin takes the time and effort to devote individual attention to all group members.

Semi Private Training is efficient, effective, and designed to get serious results for you. Schedule your FREE ($125) no-obligation consultation. Find out how this great option to private training will work for you.

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