Your Top 5 Mistakes That Absolutely Stop You From Seeing and Achieving Serious Transformations and Results!

You’ve been busy busting your hump for the last 3 months, yet you aren’t really seeing your body change. You’re frustrated! You wonder what you’re doing wrong or what you need to change to get your body looking good again or even for the first time. Over the years of personal training I have seen it all. Very seldom do people and clients put it all together on their own.  Let me save you some … [Read more...]

What Can Jump Rope Training Do For Me?

I remember trying to jump rope as a kid. I was awful and for that reason never wanted to try much... let alone practice. My timing was completely off and my two left feet were getting in the way. I may not be the most coordinated person, but when you have a good teacher it makes it so much easier. My teacher eventually came to be Buddy Lee the official jump rope conditioning consultant to 25 U.S. … [Read more...]

I Want To Enjoy My Retirement! Even If It’s A Partial One

You're retired now or at least your work schedule is finally down to a few hours. You want to feel better and have more energy, right? You're tired of looking at your body in the mirror or not being able to fit comfortably in the jeans you used to look so good in. Let's face it... none of us are getting any younger. We have to step out of our comfort zone and take action to get what we really … [Read more...]

Living Your Life Without Fulfilling Your Potential Hurts You and ALL the Family and Friends You Care About!

[Read more...]

Your Worst & Most Painful Kind of Failure…Remember or Conveniently Forget?

How many times have you truly committed to something you absolutely had to change in your life?  What was your outcome? It doesn't always work out...does it? Making your commitment is actually the easy part; it's following through on your commitment, staying focused, beating down distractions, and working hard to meet your desired outcome that's difficult. I see committed as well as not very … [Read more...]

A Common Problem: Staying Injury Free

You want to get or stay fit and healthy right? But every time you push yourself a little harder you strain a muscle or sprain a ligament. It's frustrating I know. I've been there. To get optimal results you've got to push yourself but not to the point of constantly breaking down your body. You've got to train smarter and when you're able you can train harder. Your frustration trying to stay or … [Read more...]

I Don’t Understand Why I’m Not Getting Results? I’m Seriously Working Out!

There is nothing worse than working out hard but not seeing the results you're expecting. It's influenced a lot of us to throw our arms up in the air and wonder just why we even bother to train so hard. As a coach and strategist to my clients, I am only with them for a few hours a week. I have some idea what's going on the other 150 hours a week but at times it's just not enough. So, I wanted know … [Read more...]

Wild Salmon versus Farm Raised Salmon-Your Choice Could Save Your Life

You most likely know the importance of anti-inflammatory food choices. Wild salmon happens to be one of the best choices you can make to the inflammatory response in your body. Have you heard about how the farm raised salmon are affecting the wild salmon up in Canada? I was shocked watching "Salmon Confidential" and I will no longer consider eating farm raised salmon. I already knew wild salmon … [Read more...]

Can Too Much Exercise and Training Damage You?

I've always believed in moderation. I think extremists lose perspective and sway one way or the other. For the most part exercise is extremely helpful and necessary for all of us, but there are once again extremes that can damage and harm you. I would safely say that almost all people can find the right dosage of exercise and benefit from an appropriate application of exercise and movement.  In … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays! After The New Year Are You Doing A Cleanse? Consider One With Me Because…

The meaty part of the holidays is here. I hope you're enjoying the festivities and making the most of your days. The New Year is just around the corner and I'm ready to break into it running... well not literally at least initially. I was thinking with all your parties, celebrations, and good times primarily over after the 1st of the year, it might be a very advantageous time to work in an easy, … [Read more...]