A Common Problem: Staying Injury Free

injury freeYou want to get or stay fit and healthy right? But every time you push yourself a little harder you strain a muscle or sprain a ligament. It’s frustrating I know. I’ve been there. To get optimal results you’ve got to push yourself but not to the point of constantly breaking down your body. You’ve got to train smarter and when you’re able you can train harder.

Your frustration trying to stay or get fit is very common. It sucks to be hurting or re-injuring yourself on a regular basis. Some times you’ve got focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do. Along that same line, it is extremely important to cross train and avoid repetitive movements that cause trauma and re-injury to your body. When you continue to do the same activity or movement for months and years you are at a much higher risk of injury. Your body is an amazing machine, but it likes variety and responds to new stimulus better than the old stuff day after day.

I encourage you to keep it fresh and seek out fun, new activities that will keep you out your doctor’s office and out of cross training1rehab. If you’re constantly running, I suggest you do some swimming or something that lessons the impact on your joints. Running on concrete is brutal on your body. If your a tennis player and you regularly pound the court playing singles, I recommend doing some biking or hiking. Change your movement and activities up and you will feel so much better by training and working different muscle groups.

When is the last time you’ve gotten any treatment for your body? You’ve got to take care of your physical body too! Keep it sharp and tuned up. Many of my clients receive MAT (Muscle Activation Treatment) treatments over at NorCal Muscle in San Rafael. Derek and Laura the MAT specialists there identify, treat, and improve function like muscle imbalances and weakness. You tune up your car for performance and longevity right? Do the same with your body! Your muscles, joints, and nervous system will thank you for it. Besides, your sports and activities in regards to performance will very likely improve.  Along with just feeling better, staying injury free, and more balanced structurally with your body.

mountain bikingIn Marin you live in a paradise of outdoor activities. There are literally dozens of alternative games and play that you can get involved with. Take advantage of the benefits of cross training or cross playing. Slap down those nagging injuries that put you on the sidelines. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I look at the big picture of health and fitness. Even though I have a bad back for years that can get me down at times, I focus on what I can do and am always looking to learn new strategies and tactics that will improve my quality of life. I encourage you to do the same. Life begins with your mindset and your specific results get tied directly to your actions. Step up and ask for help if you want faster, beneficial results. FREE Fitness Coaching





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