A Pragmatic Approach To Exercise

Having enthusiasm for exercise is a fantastic mindset! After all, diving in and getting the job done is great for the body, it can reduce stress, promote weight loss, and strengthen and improve all your body systems just to name a few benefits.

Too much enthusiasm, however, can cause overuse injuries and may quickly lead to burn out. That’s why it’s important to learn the ropes the right way. This means not only working with a professional to ensure that a routine selected is appropriate, but also ensuring that exercise order is properly followed.

When strength training is the routine in question, there is a very specific order to follow. Doing so can prevent injuries and keep motivation levels higher. Your appropriate stimulus to exercise is unique and working with a seasoned professional will help you gain faster results, help stay injury free, and challenge your capabilities without breaking you down. Building you up and progressing you forward is what you really want, right?

What is Proper Exercise Order?

A sound exercise order simply involves applying good common sense to which exercises are done first during a workout, which ones come in the middle of a session and which ones complete the routine. Following a smart order can increase the chances that an entire workout will be completed. It can also ensure that burnout and frustration don’t occur.

What’s a Good Order to Follow?

For those who are working to increase muscle strength and tone, there is a very smart and simple order to follow when exercising. After taking the time to properly hydrate, warm-up and prepare for a good workout, use equipment in this order:

● Body Weight (Your best equipment)

● Dumbbells

● Barbells

● Machines

This order is the best to use for a number of reasons. Body weight exercises come first because total body movement and whole-body integration will serve you best in your everyday life. Dumbbells and barbells come next since the small, stabilizer muscles that are worked out with dumbbells and barbells are more likely to fatigue faster than the larger muscle groups that are targeted and isolated by machines. The machines target specific muscles, which basically hit prime movers like chest muscles and leg muscles. This is not nearly as neurally demanding as using your entire body and nervous system as with body weight and dumbbell usage. This makes it smarter to hold off on the machines if you choose to use them at all until later in the routine. A professional trainer and coach can help identify where you are best suited to begin and progress.

Other Tips for Success

Strength training is an important part of any exercise routine. It’s important though to make sure proper form is used and the right weights are selected. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consult a trainer before developing your strength training routine. An effective trainer and coach will provide you with serious results. Click here to learn more: What Can A Health and Fitness Professional Do For Me? Remember, too, that it’s important to only strength train a few times a week. Three resistance training days is usually quite sufficient. You can alternate with moderate cardio exercise if daily exercise is desired.

Following proper workout order promotes faster success. Be sure to start out with any new exercise routine – strength training or cardio – by consulting a physician. After that, consider working with a trainer to get personalized advice and insight for the best routine to follow for your personal success. You can save yourself a lot of time and limit your injuries so that you can spend more time training and achieving the results you really want! FREE Fitness Coaching

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