“After my knee operation five years, I was making little progress with the physical therapy program. So, I turned to John, and, within a few months, my knee was recovered.”

I continued to work with John and soon I was in the best shape since college. John understood my situation and created workouts that were focused on my needs. The sessions are fun and different every time. John has not only been able to provide me with a great training regime, he has shown his diversity and knowledge by also working with sons and spouse. They have really enjoyed their time with him which speaks highly of John, since they had not previously spent much time training. In summary, John is a great guy, who happens to be a wonderful trainer, and I am the beneficiary of his ability to figure out how I can get the most out of our training time which has helped me feel better about my body and play tennis without nagging injuries.
Harold Zagunis Sonoma

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