Are You Too Busy To Exercise?

Do you think it’s necessary to carve out two hours to go to the gym to work exercise into a routine? Think again! Everyone has different amounts of time available. Some of you have morning time open and others only have the afternoon and evening.

No one is technically too busy for starting a fitness routine that can have a positive impact on health. Even when only 10 minutes a day can be spared, real results can be seen if a person sticks with their plan. You need to have a plan though so that the results you seek come alive!

To get started when time is at a premium, consider opening the calendar and carving out just 10 minutes or 20 or 30, if possible. Schedule the time and stick with it. At the end of the day, consider if the brief change in plans impacted productivity. Chances are it won’t. Even a few minutes of exercise can, in fact, energize a person and increase overall productivity.

If you’ve never prioritized your fitness a coach can help you with your accountability. Your success rate will go up big time. It’s much easier to get started and stay focused when you have professional support and motivation in your corner. Besides, an inspiring coach will make it fun and challenging while you reap the benefits of their knowledge.

What Kinds of Exercises You Can Do

The key to sticking with an exercise plan – especially on a busy schedule – is to do something that’s relatively easy to accomplish and enjoyable. Here are some ideas for fast workouts that will at least get the habit of exercising built into the routine:

  • Take it to the stairs – Even if the only time in the day for a workout is a 30-minute lunch break, consider carving a chunk of it out for some quick exercise. Grab the iPod, turn up the tunes and walk up and down the stairs at the office or at home. As fitness levels increase, consider upping the speed level or adding to the number of times flights are climbed.
  • Move without going anywhere – Even 10 minutes of jogging in place while watching a favorite television show is better than getting no exercise at all. Turn down-time into exercise time by getting active in front of the tube. You don’t need a large space to squat, lunge, and balance, but you will find a large amount of muscles used.
  • Just do anything – Getting up and moving – doing anything at all – is better than remaining seated. Find something that’s fun and just do it for 10 minutes or more. Some people find cleaning their house therapeutic. Others love to work out in the garden or patio. How about some dance classes or lessons to help you become more active or fit?
  • Nowadays home exercising using suspension trainers are huge! You can get an invigorating workout in 20 minutes. Have you ever tried the TRX or RIP 60 suspension trainers? You will look fit, strong, healthy, and toned just by using your body and being consistent. Don’t forget to put on your favorite music and rock it out if that helps motivate you.

When the simple facts are explored, it’s pretty clear that almost no one is “too busy to exercise.” Even working in a small amount of activity every day can have positive results. Remember focusing on what you can do…not what you can’t do will serve you well. If you need help and want a faster or a better result hire a fitness coach. A well-developed plan will have you looking and feeling your best quickly. Free Fitness Coaching

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