A Corte Madera Personal Trainer Can Provide You With Personalized Attention

The name says it all. The role of a Corte Madera personal trainer is to provide individual, personalized attention to each and every client; and it is that personalized attention that makes all the difference to your fitness success.

Health and fitness expert, John Spongberg formed Personal Training In Marin to offer exceptional and unique personal training services to all who desire a better life. Personal Training In Marin offers an alternative to crowded, sweaty health clubs and uncomfortable spaces where perfect bodies are flaunted. You have many choices: in home, fitness studio, outside in the fresh air, motivational online or phone coaching, boot camps that are fun and affordable… what works for YOU? If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us for a Free Consultation!

What Does A Corte Madera Personal Trainer Do?

The personal trainer wears many hats. He or she is part nutritional counsel, part friend and confidant and support system, part motivational speaker, part fitness enthusiast, part exercise scientist, and part fitness expert. That’s a lot to roll all into one person, but it is the labor of love of the personal trainer.

Practically, this means the Corte Madera personal trainer provides services such as these for you as client:

  • Education in regards to healthy living and eating
  • Consultation for both nutrition and exercise or physical training
  • Education as to proper exercise performance
  • Evaluation of fitness goals
  • Evaluation of past and present fitness activities
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Plan development for individual exercise and fitness programs
  • Exercise supervision
  • Motivational support
  • Reassessment of goals and program

This list is really only the beginning of the services offered by a personal trainer. The services and benefits of working with a personal trainer are wide and varied, and to a very large extent they are dependent upon your own individual needs.

Why Put The Personal In Personal Trainer?

Regardless of the capacity the personal trainer serves for you, the key is that you are getting attention that is personal and individual.

Every person is different. Body type, size, and structure are different. People vary in strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall capability. People differ in regards to health. People have drastically different goals for fitness and physical performance. All of this adds up to one thing: everyone has a need for a different fitness plan.

In order to achieve the fitness goals you have in mind, or even to realize what those goals are, you need to learn many things. You need to know what your physical abilities are, you need to learn how you can safely reach those goals given extenuating personal circumstances, and you need to know how to best focus your fitness work. Unless you have a deep background in nutrition and exercise, you are not likely to have the knowledge base needed to make the best fitness decisions for you.

A Corte Madera personal trainer on the other hand does. Personal trainers study fitness and the human body in-depth so that they can help you blend exercise science, health, and nutrition all into one package that fits right for you.

A Corte Madera personal trainer is an excellent resource both as occasional consultant and as a regular fitness coach. Take advantage of the knowledge and personal service that a personal trainer brings so that you can be confident your fitness plan is safe, effective, and well-tuned to make you the healthiest you can be.

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