FAQ’s That Come Up All The Time

ask questionsFitness trainers and educators get bombarded with questions. “How long will it take me to lose my fat roll?” “Can’t I just do liposuction and get it over with?” “Will weight training get me big and bulky?” “Why does it take so long to get in shape and lose weight?” “How much cardio do I actually have to do? I hate cardio!”  “Do you really guarantee results with a money back guarantee?” “Can I get in the best shape of my life even at 40 or 50?” “Will too much squatting or lunging make my butt big?” “Are you going to support me even if I make mistakes along the way?” “How realistic is it to think I can do a total body transformation? Most of the questions I get over and over again. Since I’ve never done a FAQ page now is a good time to share some information. Here goes answering some serious questions you might have.


Let’s face it… there’s fat rolls and then there’s fat rolls! No two are alike just like people. If we were to generalize the guys are going to put their fat on in their belly. The women are going to put it on in their butt, hips, and thighs. There are a lot of things to take into consideration on how fast you lose your fat. What are your stress levels like? Are you getting enough sleep? What kind of a nutrition program are you on? You can’t accurately answer this question unless you ask some serious questions to begin with. That’s the benefit of going in for a consultation to learn and understand how these processes work. If you don’t learn how to master your nutrition your fat rolls aren’t going to go away. Your nutrition is responsible for 80 to 85% of the way you look. That’s a staggering percentage but it’s true! That’s where most people fail and give up. What kind of a nutrition program are you on? Learn more about Nutritional Coaching here. There is fundamentals you need to learn and they’re not overly complicated. But you have to learn them, apply them, and become confident that you can sustain what you have learned and practiced. A lot of times the first step is asking for help when you know you need it, or when you’re just plain frustrated and ready to quit and give up.


People are going for liposuction more and more. We’re a society of instant gratification, right? I don’t recommend liposuction to my clients or prospective clients. I’m sure it has its uses but the majority of people need to change behaviors. Otherwise, those fat layers are going right back on. Who wants to spend $10,000 and then see your fat come back looking worse than before? I wouldn’t recommend anyone going in for surgery if they have a choice not to. Besides, most of us earned that fat and to suck it out would be just too easy. What happened to your initiative, your work ethic, your responsibility to yourself? If you think liposuction is going to be the cure-all you’ve got another thing coming. I don’t know anyone who’s had liposuction that stopped there. You might as well plan on doing your booty and your lips too. And then? Bottom line, you have to stop feeding your face and start feeding your mind! Step up to the plate and take responsibility for your unwanted fat. Not by doing a cosmetic procedure but by realizing that your mindset and your behaviors got you where you are today. Change and improve that and you just transformed your life!


I don’t know too many people that became big and bulky unless that’s what they really wanted. I mean I hear from women that their thighs are too big and they don’t like the size of their butt. The women typically didn’t get that from weightlifting though. Honestly, most people don’t work out hard enough to even get that big.  The ones that do may not even eat enough to grow. Fear is a dangerous thing, but you can’t let it run your life. Be aggressive, work hard, exercise smart, educate yourself, and above all be consistent with your actions. The body can be trained to look big or small. Weight training has so many benefits. Big and bulky is an outcome. Certainly your genetics are involved in the way that you appear, but you ultimately have control over the way that you look and feel. There are a lot of good looks out there and there are a lot of undesirable looks as well. You can look any way you choose to look.


It doesn’t take that long to get in shape and lose weight. It actually takes a long time to get fat and out of shape. We did it over years, remember? I was in college when I became sedentary and started packing on the pounds. Sitting in that classroom kills you. But since I wasn’t gorging myself and drinking beer every day I gained my weight gradually because of my inactivity. Most of us have a steady progression of weight gain. If you have a good body to work with initially you can lose weight fast. You need to be balanced with no screaming problems though like thyroid and stress issues. In fact, were implementing a new program here at Personal Training in Marin. 11 pounds in 17 days guaranteed! This is our jumpstart program to get people excited, motivated, and confident they can lose weight quickly. That’s a great start towards achieving your goals. When you lose 11 pounds in 17 days you will see that weight loss is really easy. And getting in shape can be done quickly and effectively.


Hours and hours of cardio do not have to be done to have the body you’ve always wanted. Do you have to know your target heart rate and work within your zones? Yes. Are your zones between 65 and 85% of your aerobic capacity? Yes. Will you get better results by training in your 75 to 85% zone of your aerobic capacity? Normally, but it depends on what your goals are. Cardiovascular development needs to be accomplished but hours and hours of endless training is not necessary. By using interval training effectively you can highly develop your cardiovascular system. An example of this would be to to use the walking/sprinting interval. No fancy equipment just you and your body. Walk for 2 minutes… sprint for 1 minute..then walk for another 2 minutes before you sprint again. Follow this type of interval training for 5-10 sprints and then tell me you won’t highly condition yourself. Your cardiovascular conditioning will improve dramatically! And your weight loss will probably be considerable if other parts of your program are in balance with one another.


If you’re not working with someone that guarantees their work I have serious concerns. Anyone that is known for getting serious results will guarantee their work. I don’t want your money if I can’t provide you with the results you seek. Of course I’m going to ask you to follow protocol and hold you accountable so that you can achieve your goals. But isn’t that why you’re coming to me in the first place? You want to be held accountable and you want to get serious results. I will never waste your time, nor do I want my time wasted. A money back guarantee is a way I can show you that: I deliver serious results to those that want them! I will stack my training procedures and nutritional education against anyone in my business. Guaranteed. Period!


Anyone at any age is capable of getting in the best shape of their life! We are our own worst enemy. We get in the way too many times from achieving our goals. If you remember what it was like to have your body before you had children don’t worry. You are still capable of great results and a great body. You don’t need a tummy tuck! You need to use your body and develop your capabilities. You have fantastic potential. Making time to acquire the body that you’ve had or always wanted is all you need when you’re working with a professional. I will inspire you. I will motivate you. I will educate you. And you will reap the benefits of your consistent work. If you’re a dad that’s been working his whole life to take care of his family first.. Then it’s time to prioritize your health. Your family wants you around. You will be a much happier person and be able to take care of yourself and others when you care for yourself properly. You kids deserve to have you around and you want to be there for your kids.


 Squatting and lunging is paramount to fundamental motion. Just because you learned to lunge and squat effectively does not mean you’re going to get a big butt. Some muscle tone maybe. You have to get in the squat rack and lift some serious weight to get a big butt. Then, you have to use your hip extensors (glutes and hamstrings) to build your posterior chain instead of your back. Too many people are actually dysfunctional in this area to begin with. People in the field actually call this gluteal amnesia. It is very common in our seated lifestyle these days. So instead of worrying about getting a big butt, I would be more inclined to speaking with clients about developing their assets! Those glutes will burn more calories for you than any muscle on your body. Develop them… and they will serve you well. Do you have any back pain? A good pair of cheeks will protect your back every day!

Making mistakes is a part of life. You know that. A good coach and educator will always support you. We all have roadblocks that get in the way temporarily or permanently for some. A good coach or educator doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Life will get in the way sometimes. But getting you back on track when going through tough times is part of a coach’s responsibility. I will help keep you focused. I will ask what you’re capable of and you will strive and work towards your goals. The fact that you have your goals written down and you know what you really want puts you way ahead of everyone else. A good coach will always have you write down your goals. How else will you ever know what you really want? You got to write it, you’ve got to feel it, you’ve got to see it, and you got to attain it. It’s yours if you really desire it and I am there to help you achieve what’s important to you.


We are all capable of amazing transformations! Never sell yourself short. You can change your body and you can change your mind. You will need both to truly transform. No doubt that transforming is a complete journey. You will not be the same person literally or figuratively. But that’s what you want, right? You want a better quality of life for yourself and for the people you love. It all starts with taking that first step. You have to decide what you truly want and you have to go for it. It’s well worth the journey. It’s an experience that will change you forever. The people that really care about you will be there to support you even through your ups and downs. It’s easy to get sidetracked but it’s important never to lose your purpose. We need to work together to develop the habits that will serve you the rest of your life. There’s a reason you’re reading this blog right now. You want something better for yourself and I can help you attain it. But you have to make that first step, you have to ask for help so that I can provide and help you achieve the life and body you’ve always wanted. Now’s your opportunity. Step up and sign up for your FREE Fitness Coaching.

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