Balance in Your Fitness in Marin County Program

For those that are only at the beginning of their path to better fitness in Marin County, the word “exercise” conjures up the image of endless hours running or pumping away on a stationary bike. While these exercises certainly have their merits, they are only a part of a balanced fitness program that incorporates several different disciplines. Varying your fitness in Marin County routine with elements of flexibility, cardio training and strength training will not only help you optimize the results but will also help keep you from being bored. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these three important elements and how to get help in making your routine a balanced one.

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Cardio Training

Cardio training is often considered to be the cornerstone of any balanced workout. Any movement that gets our hearts pumping can be considered cardio training, from riding a bicycle to doing aerobics. The benefits of cardio is that they make the heart stronger, help burn fat and raise the metabolism so that you’re better able to burn up calories. Experts vary in their opinions of how often we should have cardio training, but most agree that about thirty minutes most days of the week is excellent, even if it’s cut up in ten minute increments. The most important part is getting the heart beating at your target heart rate for extended periods of time.

Strength Training

Strength training is an equally important part of a balanced fitness routine. Remember how cardio training helps raise the metabolism? Well, strength training can help in this area by keeping your muscle mass at a healthy rate. And if your goal is to lose weight, strength training in conjunction with cardio training is the best way to go, because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn over the course of a day. Not only will you be improving your muscles, but also your bones and joints.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility is also an important part of a balanced fitness in Marin County program, whether it is simply a stretching routine at the beginning or end of a workout or a fuller experience such as yoga. Tired muscles are usually tight and restricted, and stretching can help to increase their flexibility and relieve tension. The benefits of including flexibility training in your fitness program are many, including better posture, protecting the joints and possibly avoiding injury, and even helping to prevent lower back pain.

How To Achieve Fitness in Marin County

Newcomers to exercise might be scratching their heads and saying to themselves, “Okay, I know these things are important, but how do I find the right balance for me?” It’s true, everyone is different and your needs might be drastically different from someone else’s. A great place to start is to consult a professional of fitness in Marin County. If you are looking for fitness in Marin County, a personal trainer is ideal for newcomers and experts alike, because they are able to do a full assessment of your needs, medical concerns and goals and help you reach them in a balanced, safe way.

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