“I had gained a lot of weight due to a high stress job and working overtime instead of working out.”

So as a result I was physically weak and overweight, in fact obese the doctor said. I was horrified to hear that word, I had never been that heavy in my life. And now my daughter was getting married in a year and I was panicked. I decided to work with a personal trainer. The first personal trainer I worked with made me feel like I was so out of shape and that my situation was hopeless. I was so depressed, I quit. Then John was recommended to me. I worked out with him 3 days a week and started to feel so much better. He was able to work with me in a way that made me feel I could accomplish my goal to get healthier and stronger. By the time of my daughter’s wedding, I was a new person. It has now been about 7 years since I have been working on and off with John. He has continually inspired me to keep on a healthy track, nutritionally and physically. I have learned how to manage my weight with nutrition and exercise and I now feel confident I will never pack on those pounds again. I accredit John for his continual positive motivation and inspiration and I don’t know what I would do without him.
M. A. Novato

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