Leaner & Greener Bison for the 4th of July Bbq


Did you know that buffalo are raised on ranches or farms, where they graze for their food? That is…grass-fed! While cattle are often given growth promoters like hormones and antibiotics, regulations and industry standards for bison don’t allow this type of tampering. Today, we can find buffalo at natural food stores, local farmers’ markets, and even some supermarkets.  And for the 4th of July Weekend, bison are an excellent source of lean protein along with more sustainable and less polluting practices than conventional methods of farming.

Bison is also leaner than beef, especially when it’s 100% grass-fed. And like all meat it’s rich in protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and other nutrients. Bison meat is also promoted as a good source of omega-3 fats although the amount is minimal compared to fresh salmon and other fatty fish. Actually, grain finishing with cattle and sometimes even bison, cause a rapid decline in omega-3 levels.

100% grass fed is definitely the way to go. It’s what bison and cattle naturally ingest… NOT grains! For example…when bison graze, the way nature intended, they help keep the ecosystem in check by preventing grasses from overgrowing; while their waste nourishes the soil among other benefits. Environmentalists have noted that properly grazed grasslands can, in fact, help stem global climate change because they trap the carbon from greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and redistribute it back into the soil.

Just remember…bison meat is so lean (especially grass-fed) that it cooks quickly and becomes tough if you overcook it or use too high a temperature. If you like to sear it…make it quick and light (no burning) and then slow cook for a short time. Besides, you want the nutrients left in the bison right? Don’t overcook anything and you will have much more nutrient dense meals.

We are extremely fortunate here in Marin to have great sources of food. I’ve purchased bison at Whole Foods and our local farmers’ markets. It’s terrific and an extremely viable source of protein that’s exceptionally lean when grass-fed.

Please adjust your cooking methods and savour this 4th of July with something better than cattle. If you haven’t given bison a chance yet…here’s your opportunity to explore and experience something even healthier for you, if you’re a meat eater. If you already know how delicious grass-fed bison is… then “Enjoy” and have yourself a great Independence Day with family and friends!

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