Staying On The Fitness Track: Getting Through Holidays And Special Occasions With Marin County Personal Trainers

It’s well known that the holidays take their toll on weight gain. Marin County personal trainers estimate that the average holiday weight gain has been as high as seven to ten pounds during the busiest holiday season (a six week time period encompassing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). Birthdays and other special occasions can bear on weight gain, too, but with preparation the bulk of the bulk can be avoided.

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More Than A Passing Gain

Recent studies by Marin County personal trainers suggest that the average holiday weight gain may not be quite as high as the average seven pounds that are accepted as the norm. But of more concern is that the weight that is gained is not normally lost entirely.

Spring and summer do see some automatic reduction of winter and holiday weight gain, but on average those adults who do manage to reverse holiday weight gain still retain more than half a pound of party-weight. That may not sound like a lot initially, but studies suggest the trend is cumulative—holiday weight gain gradually builds up year after year and is likely responsible for a significant portion of the weight gained in adulthood. Keep in mind, too, that many adults do not reverse holiday weight gain to that extent, and so the potential for faster gains are great.

Tipping Back The Holiday Weight Scale

Of course the best medicine is, as Marin County personal trainers say, prevention. While holidays (and this goes for birthdays, parties, special occasions, and summer barbeque feasts as well) can be a trying dietary time, there are steps you can take to minimize or prevent the damage entirely. Here are some tips that will work to get you through the most trying nutritional times of the year:

  • Moderate, moderate, moderate—everything in moderation. Denial may lead to weakness and binging, so it is better to allow yourself some freedom and enjoy some goods in small amounts.
  • Plan ahead—not only to allow yourself some small indulgence, but to get the time in for fitness and exercise that will collaterally combat the bulge. Don’t wait until New Year’s to start exercising.
  • Snack happy—know that you will be tempted in many places (at parties, at home, and at the office) and keep healthful snacks around to munch on beforehand so that you don’t come up starving at the treat table. At parties, search out the veggie platter and healthier alternatives to minimize calorie and fat intake—and skip the dip.
  • Eat at home—just like shopping, going on an empty stomach makes temptation all the more tempting.
  • Make fitness routine—schedule exercise into your day so that there is always time for it.
  • Be social (away from the buffet table)—the more you visit, the less you will think about eating. Be aware, though, that hanging out at the table might just invite more snacking as you socialize, so work the room.
  • Enlist assistance—of a buddy, Marin County personal trainers or anyone who will help keep you motivated and on track.
  • Get tips from Marin County personal trainers—a personal trainer will help devise a continual health and fitness plan, help you determine what is and isn’t really healthy eating, and work to motivate and support you. A personal trainer can also give you tips for exercises that you can do at home when you get too busy to go to the gym or the gym is closed for the holidays.

The holidays are an annual hurdle; follow these tips, partner with friends and fitness professionals, and enjoy small indulgences to help you through the season so this year’s intermittent gains do not become next year’s increased waist size.

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