San Rafael Fitness Trainers Help You Bounce Back from Diet Slip-Ups

Let San Rafael Fitness Trainers Guess! You’ve been committed to changing your lifestyle for months now by eating better and exercising regularly. Suddenly, an opportunity to forget your diet for a few hours appears. In a moment of weakness, you indulge in a pint of your favorite ice cream (it was on sale!) or an evening of pizza and beer with your friends (but I don’t get to see them very often!). Don’t beat yourself up! You can get past this and move on with the help of San Rafael fitness trainers. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to recover from diet slip-ups: forgive yourself, get back on track, and don’t overcompensate.

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Forgive yourself

It’s inevitable that all of us are going to meet temptation along the road of reaching our San Rafael fitness goals. If you give in, it doesn’t mean that the goal is lost forever! The first step in recovering from a diet slip-up is to simply forgive yourself. Acknowledge the fact that what you consumed isn’t going to help you reach your goals, and then write it off. It’s not worth the energy to feel guilty or upset, or in the worst case, purge what you’ve eaten. This is a dangerous road to walk down and can lead to permanent health problems. You ate it, it’s in the past, acknowledge and move on!

Get back on track

The most important part of recovering from a diet slip-up is getting back on track. Just because you’ve eaten a big dinner and desert doesn’t mean that the diet’s over! Many of us use this event to excuse ourselves from continuing on our fitness paths. “Well, that’s it, it’s over, I’ll start again next month.” No! Get right back up on the horse the next day; follow your fitness routine just like the slip-up never happened. This is important no matter where you are on the path to better fitness. If it happens soon after you’ve started your San Rafael fitness routine, it’s more tempting to quit because you haven’t invested too much time into it. You may want to hire San Rafael fitness trainers to help keep you motivated and on track!

Never overcompensate

“I had a huge dinner last night, so to make up for it, I’m just going to skip lunch tomorrow.” No! Once again, you need to get back on the right track and continue as if the slip-up never happened. It’s tempting to think that the calories you’ve consumed can be “evened out” by consuming fewer calories the next day, but unfortunately our bodies don’t work like that. The calories that you consumed last night have already been absorbed, and you need a minimum amount of calories everyday so your body will work at its best, so skipping a meal the next day won’t do you any favors.

Just like you shouldn’t overcompensate with your meals, you shouldn’t overcompensate in your San Rafael fitness trainers program, either. If you’re already following a balanced San Rafael fitness trainers program, adding on to it can only push your body past its limits, which can leave you feeling sore, tired, and even cause injury.

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