You Stand To Gain A Lot From Cross Training And San Rafael Personal Training

Cross training is achievable with San Rafael personal training. No matter who you are, what you fitness goals are, or what your top targeted result for working out is, you can benefit from cross training. All you need to know to get you started is why cross training is a good idea for you and where you can learn more about the best cross training methods and techniques to enhance your fitness plan.

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Cross Training—What Is It?

Cross training is, in simplest terms, diversification of your fitness program. Cross training happens when you mix exercises and/or types of training, or alternate training methods. San Rafael personal training can help, especially if you run out of ideas. This may be done in a single workout session or by the day. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Day one you go for a jog, day two you hit the free-weights, day three you go biking


  • A third of your time you use the treadmill, a third you work on strength training, a third you use the stair climber

There’s really no one recipe for cross training, as the exercises will vary depending on your goals, focus, and interests. This means that there are endless combinations and possibilities for cross training, and that only you and your personal trainer can decide what will work best for you. Ideally, that will be a carefully chosen mix of exercises and activities that gets you where you want to be.

Cross Training—Why Do It?

Cross training is a good idea for many reasons, and there a number of benefits to cross training as enhancement to a fitness plan.

Cross training helps you by:

  • Breaking up the boredom—admit it, anything you do everyday gets old eventually; it is very motivational to be able to look forward to something new and interesting. San Rafael personal training can help you with new ideas.
  • Waking up your body—your body gets bored and used to the same movements over and over, too
  • Preventing injury—repeated use and strain of the same joints and muscles opens the door to use injuries; using new joints and muscles strengthens the body all around so that aggravation is minimized and peripheral support is increased
  • Increasing gains—again, this comes from presenting new challenges to muscle groups; cross training helps break and prevent plateaus. With San Rafael personal training, you can learn more about these advantages.

The reasoning behind cross training is fairly simple and straightforward, but the compound benefits are many.

Cross Training—Where Can I Learn More?

To develop an effective plan for cross training, rely on your interests, your goals, and San Rafael personal training. Figure out what is enticing to you, what you ultimately want to achieve, and then learn the right way to mix and match exercises and activities—and do them right (and safely!). The person most qualified to help you make those decisions and give you that education is a personal trainer.

The benefits of cross training are there for the taking. Look at the many ways you can spice up your fitness plan with San Rafael personal training and get started on a new route to better fitness results today!

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