Should You Work On Fundamentals? No One Wants To Hear That

A movement pattern is what makes up a challenging workout. Not how many reps and how much weight you can lift, push, or pull. The quality of the movement is what really matters. Can you squat, lunge, push, pull, move into 3 planes of motion, stabilize and balance your spine like you do in life? An effective and challenging workout is about you moving better and feeling better. It’s not about completely exhausting your nervous system and unable to move the next day because you are hurting so badly.

A good analogy is the service and upkeep your car needs compared to your body. What happens when you forget about changing your oil or a tune-up for your car? You have a dirty or poor running engine, right? Well, your body needs a tune-up and oil change as well to run as optimized as possible. Remember those fundamentals? If you can’t or don’t do the basics, you’re probably going to break down sooner rather than later. Although it may not be immediately, eventually you are going to pay the price for neglecting an essential maintenance component .Your body is definitely not going to move better. You have to make sure your engine is primed and running on all cylinders.

The master of fundamentals as far as I’m concerned was/is the late, great coach John Wooden. The coach used to drill and practice “the fundamentals” during every training session at UCLA. When game time came around his players were prepared. If you’re not familiar with Wooden’s Pyramid of Success you should be. The coach’s positive principles will power every person to new heights and achievements.

Your workout “fundamentals” are the basics and although the TRX, suspension training, and kettlebells is trendy and hot right now you have to walk before you can run. Anyone can squat and lunge with assistance. Have you ever used a cane or walker? I’m being facetious here of course. I’m talking primitive patterns here where you need to be able to use your body. A gymnast and wrestler are great examples of athletes who have developed their bodies from the inside out. These athletes have tremendous core strength and stability which is where the fundamentals begin.

Don’t be like everyone else! Learn to develop your body in practical and fundamental ways. Big muscles aren’t going to save you when you trip and fall. But if you worked on your stability and developed more intrinsic strength you might prevent yourself from taking that nasty fall in the first place. Movement patterns are how you gauge your health and fitness. If you’ve never been educated on how you can improve the way you move, then consult with a fitness professional that will provide you a proper assessment along with sequential steps to improve your overall health and fitness. There are certain norms that we should all strive for, but we all have certain weaknesses that can and should be improved. The weakest link will break you down time after time. Take the next step here to achieve your higher level of fitness:

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