What Can Jump Rope Training Do For Me?

jump ropeI remember trying to jump rope as a kid. I was awful and for that reason never wanted to try much… let alone practice. My timing was completely off and my two left feet were getting in the way. I may not be the most coordinated person, but when you have a good teacher it makes it so much easier. My teacher eventually came to be Buddy Lee the official jump rope conditioning consultant to 25 U.S. Olympic teams. Now Buddy is recognized as the leading jump rope conditioning expert in the United States. Buddy has also performed more than 4,000 jump rope demonstrations in 30 countries. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the benefit of learning from Buddy face to face; I had to buy his book!

When I saw Buddy jump in video though I couldn’t believe my eyes. How long has this guy been practicing I would think to myself…he is awesome!!! What a workout…what an athlete! Buddy made it look effortless and I wanted to at least be competent with the jump rope because I could see the HUGE conditioning component. I recall when I started jumping I would get tired in about a minute when I was keeping the rope going without clipping my feet. I slowly became better with Buddy’s coaching and tips because I persevered. I was certainly not gifted. It came from hard work and an unrelenting willingness to improve and learn the skill of jump roping. To watch Buddy perform motivated me and taught me the fundamentals of good jump roping of which I had none when I began. And I still like watching Buddy jump! The man is amazing!

If you’re looking to build your fitness, improve your coordination, develop your aerobic and anaerobic systems, as well as increasing your speed, agility, and quickness you will love the jump rope. But we all have to learn the fundamentals, right? Remember the great, late John Wooden of UCLA? Wooden won a record setting 10 National Championships communicating the importance of “the fundamentals.” We all have to have a base line to work and learn from. I am so thankful I live at a time when so much quality information is available like the teachings of Buddy Lee. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of crap or poor information out there as well. Choosing the right coaches and mentors can make all the difference even if you may not have the opportunity to learn from them face to face. The internet with videos, webinars, seminars, webcasts, and podcasts can provide a tremendous amount of quality information when used properly.

If you’re looking for a more hands on approach I would encourage you to learn from someone you respect and is a good teacher. There are so many styles of learning that have been identified over the years. We are living in a very visual world at this time. Most everything is being converted into some type of visual message or image even though you may not learn that way. I pose the question to you: “What type of learner are you?” Visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, or intrapersonal just to name a few. You will excel in the right environment when identified properly. Personally, I am more of an intrapersonal learner. I enjoy learning through introspection and independent study. I enjoy books, privacy, and time to myself. Yet, I am fascinated by teaching others when I learn their specific learning style. It’s fun, challenging, and I always enjoy helping others. If you reasonate with the benefits of working with the right mentor or coach please look into: FREE Fitness Coaching as helping others is important to me. And don’t forget…you can do anything you set your mind to…if you really want it bad enough.

Below is an example of a client learning the basics of jump roping. Kelsey is a fast learner and I have asked her to slow her movement down so that you can better understand and appreciate the complexity of her learned skill…


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  2. Fabulous. Both videos were engrossing and it is absolutely clear how great jump rope must be for the body. Maybe I will try it…

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