Why Are So Many People Afraid of Losing Their Balance? I’ll Tell You Why…

losing your balanceHave you ever noticed that people don’t like to look bad? Or that most of us only like to do things we are already good at? Let’s face it; not everyone is born with the balance and grace of a ballerina. Ask my dance partners over the years! Unfortunately, when balance is a concern, injuries can also be a problem. As long as your lack of balance isn’t caused by a medical condition, such as an inner ear infection, chances are you can take simple steps to improve balance and decrease the likelihood of injuries. The bigger question is: Will you?

There are very simple body weight exercises you can perform to enhance your balance while also improving posture and coordination. Here’s one of the easiest:

Just use your body as you stand on one leg and try to balance. First, stand one-legged on your right or left side and see how stable you are. Use your arms as a counter balance. If you are having problems here there is no need to make it more difficult. Master your one legged stability first. Later you can move a medicine ball, heavy book or 1-gallon milk jug from hand to hand, side to side or behind your head to make it tougher. Make sure to stay balanced on that one leg while you do this, but if you lose your balance a few times-no worries-you will become more proficient over time. You will be surprised how challenging you can make this if you try it.

Getting the hang of this simple exercise will help you improve your balance, focus, and stability. It’s also going to assist you in gaining some muscle strength, so be sure to switch out the legs you use periodically to improve both sides of your body. You’re looking for asymmetry here so work harder on the tougher or more challenging side. Keep in mind this exercise isn’t necessarily easy. It is going to take some time to master, so keep working at it. Once you have it down pat, make it even harder by performing the one legged balance with more stimulus like an uneven surface or your eyes closed.

Improving Stability and Balance

Here are a few other ways you can enhance your balance:

  1. Make a game out of it and expect to lose your balance a few times. Just don’t set yourself up for injury like a fall you could have prevented. I assure you though, if you never lose your balance while you train you will not improve. You have to challenge yourself in ways that will provide the right stimulation for your nervous system. Try a single leg floor touch. Make sure to pay attention to your posture too! Keep your chest out as you bend forward to touch the ground.

    2. Walk or hike on uneven surfaces. Go uphill for a while then head downhill. Use as many foot positions as possible when you’re climbing that mountain or coming down it. You work different muscles in your feet, legs, and hips when you’re hiking. Every step can be a little bit different. A short step, a lateral step, a decelerating step downwards are all examples of varied stimulus that will improve your balance and give you more strength and stability.   

    3. Wear shoes that stimulate your feet or go barefoot if you like when you can. Do you know how many nerve endings you have in your feet? By using a flat sole or balancing barefoot you will be turning on your nerve endings big-time. Try to bend more from your knee rather than over flexing your back when you are doing your floor touches. Where you place your hand in front of you makes a difference. As you cross over your down foot you will further challenge your balance. vibrams

Do you need more tips for improving your stability and lessening your chances of accidents and injuries? Consult a trainer at your local gym or fitness center to progress you steadily. Chances are the pros here can offer some great advice to help you lose those two left feet! And don’t be afraid to try something new you might not be good at initially. If you want further coaching and want to step it up to new heights I recommend: FREE Fitness Coaching


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