Why You Need Restorative Sleep

Your entire body suffers from a lack of REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). This is restorative in nature, so if weight loss and health and fitness are concerns you need to prioritize ample amounts of REM sleep. Even the best diet and exercise plans can be easily derailed if REM sleep is neglected or even sleep in general.

Medical researchers say that poor sleep is one of the most prevalent problems encountered in society. Due to a number of factors, including:

  • Staying up too late and/or getting up too early (can relate here)
  • Consuming drugs such as caffeine and nicotine throughout the day
  • Over-stimulation in the evening hours before bedtime
  • Stress that causes hormones to become out of balance especially cortisol

Impacts of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep can have a number of negative effects that may ripple throughout a person’s entire life. Some of the side effects that can occur when poor sleep habits are ingrained include:

  • Constant fatigue that debilitates your body
  • A tendency to be moody, irritable or quick to anger
  • Lack of concentration
  • Loss of coordination, which can also impact ability to drive
  • Tardiness and/or absenteeism
  • Eating problems, including binge eating, loss of appetite
  • Dependency on stimulants (way too common in society today)
  • Difficulty in interpersonal relationships

Sleep and Weight Loss

Getting into a normal sleep routine can assist with weight loss efforts for a variety of reasons. When the body is deprived of sleep, a person will simply be more likely to binge eat, late-night eat and may lack the energy necessary to exercise.

When a good sleep schedule is created and actions support proper restorative sleep, the entire body – and mind – can benefit. Here are some tips that can help improve deep restorative sleep:

Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Your body craves routine. This is especially so when it comes to your sleeping patterns. Set a realistic bed time and wake time each day, but practice winding down and relaxing with a hot bath before bed time. Prioritize some quiet time for you. Try to stick with it on workdays, weekends – all the time.

Develop Good Eating Habits

Food and ability to sleep do go hand-in-hand. To promote healthy sleep, a person has to not only eat healthier, but also make wise choices. It’s best to avoid large meals before bedtime. You will not use that energy anyway; you will only store it as fat. Sugary and heavy snacks should also be avoided. When possible, stop eating about three hours before that set bed time. Drink plenty of water.

Avoid Use of ‘Drugs” Before Bed

Drugs don’t have to be illegal to wreak havoc on the likelihood of enjoying a good night’s sleep. It’s best to avoid legal drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bedtime. Stimulants like caffeine, for example, can keep the body pumped up, preventing sleep entirely. Nicotine and alcohol can get in the way of a person enjoying a truly restful restorative night’s sleep.

Get Physical

Building exercise into the regular routine can also help promote healthier, more restful sleep habits. Intense exercise before bedtime is not recommended because it excites your body rather than calming it down. Even light exercise can help a person improve sleep by reducing stress and burning off extra energy but a nice balance works best.

Losing weight and getting into shape doesn’t just call for diet and exercise. Proper sleep can play a critical role in the process. When sound habits are developed, the entire body will benefit. Practice getting your sound sleep and you will notice the natural energy you possess. It will serve you well. Your family and friends will notice the difference.

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About the Author

Marin health and fitness expert, John Spongberg is the founder of Personal Training in Marin as well as an accomplished author, speaker and life coach. He is dedicated to helping people reach their optimum level of fitness, health and body satisfaction through a unique, comprehensive whole-person approach, customized to each client.

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