Working Out Your Core Is Essential, But a Whole Body Routine Is Critical

TRX whole body flyAll too often, we try to target our workouts to take care of problem spots. Big thighs, flabby arms, fat rear ends and other very specific areas get the bulk of our exercise attention while the core is overlooked. The truth is this is not a wise way to proceed if real results are desired. Targeting is fine to some degree, but it won’t get the job done on its own.

The core – the back and stomach muscles – are essential to include in regular workout routines for a number of reasons. The fact is that all body movement comes from the core. If your stomach and back muscles aren’t properly strengthened and toned, your entire system will suffer.

Try lifting heavy weights to tone those flabby arms, for example, and your back muscles just might protest in a very big way. If this happens, you could suffer an injury that just might sideline your weight loss and exercise efforts for a time.

So, how can you get the workout you really need?

The key to enjoying weight loss and body strengthening success is to go for a whole body workout. While focusing on the core is critical, ideally you do want to include the entire body. To make sure this happens, develop a workout plan that involves all major muscle groups. Be sure to develop both cardiovascular (when appropriate) and strength training together, but not necessarily at the same time. It depends what your goals are.

If you’re unsure of how to develop a true full body workout routine, enlist a personal trainer or the professionals at a local gym. The pros can help you out by:

  • Tailoring a program to suit your needs – Not everyone can follow exactly the same workout routine. What works for your best friend, for example, might actually be too rigorous for you or just too easy. Consulting with a pro will result in a routine that takes your strengths and weaknesses into account. Your tailored routine will also be designed to offer the right level of challenge without taxing your body too much. You should have some type of assessment done initially.
  • Making sure you avoid injury – Beginners often strive too hard to see results. When they do, injuries often happen. At the very least, a workout that is too hard can zap your motivation very quickly. When you involve an educated coach, you’ll end up with a plan that’s been developed to help you reach personal goals while motivating you to succeed. Imagine how many more workouts a year you can implement when you’re avoiding major or minor injuries!
  • Offering moral support – The professionals are there to help you reach your goals. A good coach knows it’s not about their egos it’s about your result. They help by not only offering their expertise, but also by encouraging you on along the way. Make sure you choose a coach or educator that inspires you and recognizes your capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning exerciser or a long time “gym rat,” your trainer or coach will always step it up when appropriate and challenge you.

A targeted workout (isolated muscle training) won’t provide the overall results you’re after unless you want to look like a bodybuilder. If you want to see real changes in your body inside and out, you need to focus on your whole system. You will look and feel better because movement, stability, and strength will provide balance and an overall toned, conditioned, and fit you. If you need help FREE Fitness Coaching is available. Honestly, with a 100% guarantee what are you waiting for? You can and will have the body you’ve always desired if you take action.

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head shot1Marin health and fitness expert, John Spongberg is the founder of Personal Training in Marin as well as an accomplished author, speaker and life coach. He is dedicated to helping people reach their optimum level of fitness, health and body satisfaction through a unique, comprehensive whole-person approach, customized to each client.

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