You Have To Get Underneath the FAT To See Your Abs!

Crunches can only take the abdominal muscles so far. When a six-pack or chiseled look is the desired outcome, more needs to be done to tone and strengthen that belly for optimum appearances. One of the most important things to not overlook when working out the abs are the “invisible muscles” that lie in this area.

Yes, that’s right – the invisible abdominal muscles. The transversus abdominis lies beneath the rectus abdominis, the six-pack muscle. This is the muscle that flattens and stabilizes the waistline when the gut is braced. Fail to work out this muscle with the same vigor that’s applied to the “six-pack” muscle and the overall look just won’t be the same.

So, how can people work out this muscle to get the desired results? It’s fairly simple. Just work it with the “bracing” effect. Renowned spine expert Stuart McGill is primarily responsible for the “bracing” concept. This process is simple to do and can produce great results. Tightening up your stomach (abs) or stiffening your spine and creating inter-abdominal pressure not only protects your spine but activates your abdominal musculature.

Check out some of Dr. McGill’s work here and pay close attention to Myth #5:

There are other things that need to be done to support an improved abdominal appearance as well. They include:

• Making a good diet a part of the routine – Muscle building does call for proper nutrition and so does weight loss. To support the desired results, be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet every day. This means including lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and other healthy choices in the diet. It also calls for drinking plenty of water to support hydration and overall health. Overlook diet and fat-burning and that six-pack look might never materialize no matter how many crunches are done. Your blood sugar needs to stabilize to burn the fat on your existing body. Carefully monitor your sugar intake and you will improve the way your gut looks. If you need education, direction, and support click here: Nutrition Coaching

• Work out other muscles – It’s never a good idea to focus solely on one muscle group. Even when a six-pack look is the desired outcome, it’s best to get the whole body up and moving. Consider a workout plan that involves both strength training and cardio intervals for the best possible results. Cardio intervals can help burn off fat and build endurance while strength training will also support weight loss while building the muscles necessary to produce a leaner, tighter look. To embark on a sound workout plan, consider consulting a trainer. Most people want results NOW and by working with a professional that guarantees results you can gain the body you’ve always wanted.

The “invisible muscles” matter when it’s time to create a six pack look. Support the overall look by making sure nutrition and full body workouts are also part of the plan. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who will educate you and bring about rapid results as well. Sign up here for a FREE coaching session to learn more: FREE Coaching Session

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