You Want to Lose More Weight? Drink Enough Water!

If you’re having trouble getting over the hump when it comes to shedding pounds, there’s a secret ingredient to add to your weight loss mix. No, it’s not diet pills, medication, or a chalky shake! The trick can actually be found right in your tap.

According to recent research, that old “wives’ tale” about water and weight loss is actually quite true. A study involving two different groups of overweight men and women showed that water drinkers do really lose more weight. Both study groups were asked to adhere to a low-calorie diet, but only one group was instructed to drink two cups of water before each meal. At the end of a 12-week period, the water drinkers lost an average of about 15.5 pounds. The non-water drinkers only shed about 11 pounds.

So, what it is about water that helps with weight loss so much? If you think about it, drinking water before meals really does make a lot of sense. As little as two cups of water can help you:

  • Feel fuller – Drinking two cups of water before each meal is a great way to start off the eating process because it will help you feel fuller without adding calories to the mix. Water will begin to fill up the stomach, before the food even hits it. This, in turn, can lessen the amount of food consumed before the body feels sated.
  • Begin the digestion process – Water can also kick-start the digestion process and get your metabolism kicked into gear. When this happens, you can benefit from your body potentially burning more calories faster.
  • Stay hydrated – Adding two cups of water into the mix before each meal is also a great way to ensure the body stays hydrated. Many people are actually dehydrated and totally unaware of it. Hydration can help you out with weight loss and there are many studies that support this practice. It’s also incredibly important for overall health.
  • For additional information on the wonders of water, check out this informative website to learn more.

Why Water?

While you could technically drink up two cups of other liquids to get the same filling effect, there are potential downsides of doing so. Filling up on soda, for example, will likely add calories to your meal and defeat the purpose. Sugary drinks should simply be avoided when you’re trying to shed pounds. If you don’t stabilize your blood sugar, you will never lose your weight and burn excess fat on your body. Diet sodas are not the answer either. Diet sodas have no nutrient value whatsoever and the long term effects of consumption will not enhance your health.  On the other hand, you need water to survive…to exist…think about it!

If you’re ready to start losing weight, drink to your success! Don’t forget to check with your local gym, your personal trainer, or health and fitness specialist for assistance with other measures that will help you in the quest to shed pounds. Diet and exercise are both critical components that can help you reach your goals, but having a well detailed plan for results can keep you on track and empower you to meet your well-outlined goals and live the life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

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