Your 2012 Resolutions…going..going…gone!

Ok…it’s 2012 now…are you playing the annual resolution game? I hope not because you have a lot more important and useful actions you can be implementing in your life. What I mean by that is…resolutions are for the weak and easily distracted. However, if you’re “Mastering Your Mind and Programming Yourself for Success” then you’re a part of the doers…the movers and the shakers. You see…if you have mere resolutions you are hardly scratching the surface of your amazing potential. Resolutions are for those of us that were never taught or never learned key concepts for self-improvement. But it’s never too late for any of us. Did you know that less than 5% of the population actually write down their goals? Do you care to guess why we are such good procrastinators? We don’t fully commit to achieving the results we think we want…it’s really that simple.  In other words, we haven’t learned to master our minds and program ourselves for success. As you continue to read on, I hope this becomes evident.

In reality, I could write for hours about how to empower you and educate you to achieve all kinds of important personal development. More importantly though, I want to share with you 5 key components of developing your mind and setting yourself up for success well beyond your 2012 resolutions. You see…it’s quite a process to sit down each year, review and analyze your goals and results, and make more SMART goal setting for the upcoming year. SMART goal setting is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time limited. In fact…you can begin this process any month of the year. You hear about resolutions all the time for the 1st month of the year…and then resolutions quickly fall by the wayside because most of us were never fully committed to reaching those goals. With these 5 key components I’m going to share with you… you will have the tools to achieve amazing results and not just with your health and fitness.

The 5 simple key components I am speaking of are:

  1. Your Personal Achievement
  2. Your Belief System
  3. Your SMART Goal Setting
  4. Your Fear of Failure
  5. Your Massive Action Implementation

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? You might even say…”I do all those things now. Why don’t I have more to show for it? Let me elaborate further…In regards to personal development… how often do you study and devote time to reading and learning? It takes time and effort to grow and learn. If I learned anything from college which I hope I did…I would say it’s helps you become a better learner…. practical application that is. Are you continually increasing your knowledge? Do you like to learn? I happen to love it! Your personal achievement is a lifelong process.  It should never bore you.  Your personal achievement is the 1st step towards mastering your mind and programming yourself for success in every aspect of your life. Hobbies and interests are great, but your personal growth and education will empower you and inspire you for your entire life.

What about your belief system? I’m not talking religion here. I’m speaking about what makes you who you are. You have to stand for something…believe in something. A strong belief system will help you progress quickly with any task or goal you set for yourself. A solid, well developed belief system is all encompassing, it’s the total YOU, and you can depend upon it in all types of circumstances…good and bad. A poor belief system will set you up for failure while a strong belief system will empower you to great achievements. A belief system is an intellectual process that must be built upon slowly and methodically. Take for an example something in your life you had to slowly learn and build upon…think about the  confidence you experienced. The more confidence you built up over time the greater your belief system became. You can do anything you set out to do with a powerful belief system!

I must be honest, I did not learn goal setting as a youngster. I am still working on mastering my goal setting, but it is so worth it. Goals must be written and prioritized. Work on the most important goals first, the ones that will provide the most benefit to you. Put your goals in a conspicuous place where you can see them and read them often if not daily. Along with your goals being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time limited you need to set different types of goals like: health goals, career goals, relationship-family goals, fun-travel goals, and even material goals if that’s important to you. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to have too many goals so as to stress you out, but if you’re not being challenged to grow and develop from where you are today, then you haven’t set a big enough goal. You can develop weekly, monthly, and yearly goals with present tense affirmations. Put emotion and power into your goal setting and visualize successful accomplishment of your goals.

Don’t be afraid to fail when setting your goals because this will distract you from setting goals you really want and need. You will most likely learn the most from goals you failed to achieve.  It takes a lot of courage to focus on the goal, when the path of how you’re going to get there is unclear. Sometimes you don’t always get it right the first time. I know I don’t, but I learn new strategies and more useful applications by going through the process. Perhaps you need to develop your personal achievement further or improve upon your belief system for strength to achieve your goals. Learn what it will take to achieve your goals because fear of “going for them” when you’re not sure how it’s all going to work out is something every successful person experiences…it’s perfectly normal. You will grow and become a better person for it.

It doesn’t matter how much planning and detail goes into mastering your mind and programming yourself for success you have to take massive action! You have to block time out to accomplish the specific tasks to achieve your goals. By setting aside a specific time on specific days of the week in your calendar you will learn the proper discipline to “get things done.” Don’t allow compromise in your schedule. Blocked time is sacred. Blocking time is the one big step you can take right now to start improving both your professional and personal life. If you don’t block time you will become one of the many who say there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. It’s all about growing as a person. The rest of your goals being health, career, relationship-family, fun-travel, or material type will take care of themselves when you take massive action…the most successful people will confirm this.

Now do you see my point about New Year’s Resolutions? They’re a waste of conversation. No one I know really takes them seriously and it shows…every year. However, if you took the 5 key components of “mastering your mind and programming yourself for success” how do you think you would fare? Remember, I haven’t even mentioned the most successful learners get support, have accountability, and find the right coach to accomplish their goals. Your daily and weekly habits will help provide the foundation for your successes. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, you will become what you think about most of the time, so think about productivity and having the right people around you to succeed. Also, you must review on a regular basis…that is…weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. If you’re smart you will put the review process and time right on your calendar each week and month. As I mentioned before blocked time is sacred and it will help you progress and grow. Your potential is unlimited and I hope you recognize that you can achieve whatever you desire so long as you have a well mapped out plan.

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