Your Feet, Legs, and Hips- Definitely Your Foundation Should Serve You A Lifetime

Leg StrengthGetting your lower body strong and keeping your legs and hips fit for your lifetime is essential for your daily life. From running and cycling to just lifting heavy objects around the house, the legs especially your hips provide a firm foundation for getting it all done. When your lower body is weak, your performance in life tends to be, as well.

Coming up with viable, easy and repeatable actions that will strengthen your feet, legs, and hips effectively are not that difficult. There are some simple measures you can take that will increase muscle strength, stability, stamina, and even help with toning and definition. Here are just a few easy approaches to get you moving:

  • Starting with your feet go barefoot as much as you can or wear a shoe with a fairly flat sole. The muscles in your feet will thank you. Your body will be much more stable and stronger when you’re developing these muscles compared to a fully supported shoe that does all the work for you. You want your feet to be alive just like your body, right? Develop your muscles in your feet from the ground up. You will find your hips functioning much better. barefoot training
  •  Forward, sideways, and backwards steps – Lunges are hands down one of the easiest exercises that can be done to improve your leg strength. After all, they can be performed just about anywhere and you don’t require special equipment to get your body moving. You can do them backwards, forwards, and sideways for developing all kinds of strength and stamina. The key is to be working your body with good biomechanics. Make sure you know how to protect your joints and if you don’t ask for help.
  • Use your stairs or go on challenging hikes – Climbing stairs isn’t necessarily an action you like to take, but it’s an effective one for building your leg strength. It comes with a bonus, too – it’s a great cardio workout! If you have stairs at your house, make a routine out of climbing them for 10-20 minutes a day or hit the hills outside of your house. If not, then use the stairs at work, or a machine that simulates climbing at your gym or so on.
  • cyclying for healthRide for your health and get some fresh air – Cycling is another amazing way to build leg strength without having to invest a fortune. Just grab your bicycle and map out somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Be sure to pedal – rather than glide – most of the time. As you build up leg strength, you’ll also increase endurance and your ability to handle more challenging courses. The hills will build significant leg strength, stamina, and heart pumping cardio in time.
  • Swim or get into some aqua aerobics – Doing laps a few times a week can also add strength to the legs especially if you vary your stroke. If you have access to a pool this a fantastic way to boost overall body strength and conditioning. I have clients that achieve great workouts in the pool without all the stress on their joints. Swimming is a great way to get you going, condition your body, and benefit from the cardiovascular as well developing your endurance.
  • Work with a credentialed trainer – When it’s time to focus on building leg strength, the pros at your local fitness center or gym can often offer the very best advice and keep it interesting for you. Work directly with them to formulate a plan that takes into account your current fitness level and the goals you’d like to achieve. Working off a tailored plan that includes instruction on proper form can make all the difference. If you need motivation and coaching I highly recommend: FREE Fitness Coaching


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