A Successful Fitness Routine Does Not Have To Be Complicated

one arm handstandThe hardest part of getting fit involves taking the first step. You must be ready to challeng
e yourself. While most people think exercising is hard and getting a routine together is difficult,
the simple reality is that neither of these things are true. Working out doesn’t have to be tough, boring or impossible. Getting fit should be fun and energizing, so don’t let fear stand in the way and your path to improved health and fitness. You can do it; you know you can. So, how can fear be conquered? Here are several tips for taking that first step and making it a whole lot easier: Start Out Small Exercise doesn’t have to involve two hours at the gym five days a week to produce results. Besides, who has the time to devote 10 hours a week to exercise? Not too many people I know. While the fact is a gym membership can be very useful, it’s not the only way to go. If necessary, take baby steps to get on the road to fitness. Do such things as:

  • Start walking to neighbors or a nearby store instead of driving; remember to get outside and get some Vitamin D
  • Take the stairs instead of using the elevator; also park a distance away from your destination when driving and use your body more
  • Play more vigorously with your kids; remember those games of chase or tag when you were a child? Or just playing a little hide and seek?
  • Swim or play some water games; how about paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing?
  • Garden in your backyard or at your local public gardens; or just move actively around the house and see how much bending, lifting, and twisting, takes place just keeping your home clean
  • Go dancing or take a night out on the town where activity (movement) is practiced and encouraged; don’t forget it’s all about the playHealthy Life

Getting active for even a few minutes a day can be the start of something great when it comes to fitness.  The more activities you try…the better idea you will have about long–term commitment towards that type of activity. Take the time to find out what you really enjoy and go for it. Pick Activities that are Fun Working out isn’t solely defined as lifting weights and running. Find an activity or activities that are personally fun and dive in with both feet. When you do that, “exercise” won’t seem like work – it will be more like play.  Play will keep you going long-term and plenty of gut-wrenching laughs should be included. Consult a Trainer or Coach Coming up with good ideas to maximize workout time for the greatest results can be a little tough. The trainer or coach at your local gym, however, might have some great ideas on how to help you get started. Even if you’re not sure you want to join a gym, go in for a tour and a consultation. The ideas offered might very well help you uncover the perfect activities for your personal fitness. Set a Schedule Exercising should be built into the routine, but remember it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of time to be effective. If spare moments are at a minimum, consider scheduling three 30-minute blocks of time to exercise every week. Stick to the routine and build upon your level of fitness. Make sure your stimulus is increased as you adapt to your current program. Stay Motivated One of the biggest roadblocks people face when trying to get into shape is motivation. To help stay on track do such things as:

  • Set realistic goals (If you need help here click below for a path to follow) Set Realistic Goals
  • Track those goals (if you aren’t going to hold yourself accountable work with someone who will)
  • Recognize milestones with special rewards (Click below to keep it productive) Enjoy and Celebrate Your Milestones
  • Workout with a friend or family member
  • Work with a trainer or coach who inspires you (This is what a health and fitness professional can do for you) A Mentor or Qualified Coach will Serve You Best

Getting started on a fitness plan might not be “easy,” but it’s far from impossible. Besides, if it’s too “easy” where is the challenge in that?  Don’t be bored… just get up, get moving and remember to take it a day at a time. Get past that first day and the rest will come naturally if you’re truly committed. About the Author Marin health and fitness expert, John Spongberg is the founder of Personal Training in Marin as well as an accomplished author, speaker and life coach. He is dedicated to helping people reach their optimum level of fitness, health and body satisfaction through a unique, comprehensive whole-person approach, customized to each client. Mr. Spongberg creates a successful experience for individuals who are ready to take the next step to, once and for all, achieve the extraordinary health, vitality and body they’ve long been dreaming of. Your satisfaction is personally guaranteed 100% or your money back! If you’re ready, you can reach Mr. Spongberg at (415) 785-4826 or visit his website at www.PersonalTrainingInMarin.com where you can download your free copy of his special health and fitness report, The Truth About Losing Weight

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