Rewarding Yourself Will Help Your Weight Loss

You’ve been working out almost every day since the beginning of 2012. You’re latest trip to the scale and the way that your clothes are fitting is showing the results you’ve been looking for. Now it’s time to dive into a great big slice of chocolate cake as a reward for getting the job done, right?


Using food as a reward for doing well in the gym and on the scale is a plan that can backfire in the long run. While you might not have to resign yourself to a life without cake forever to keep your weight off, you don’t want to allow yourself an opportunity to redevelop old bad habits when your weight loss successes are so fresh. Rewards, however, are very important and you should use them smartly when you’re striving to reach exercise and weight loss goals in 2012.

If not food, what should you use to reward yourself?

There are all kinds of options that can reward and keep you motivated. Rather than reach for an ice cream cone, cave in on a big dinner out or sneak a slice of cake, why not try:

  • A massage or some type of body work– You’ve been working hard in your career and if you have reached a weight loss milestone, you’ve probably been working out hard, too. Why not give those muscles some much needed TLC? A massage or body treatment is a great reward that won’t add calories to your routine. Besides, your body is worth a little special treatment.
  • Doing something fun – If you’ve always dreamed of going up in a hot-air balloon, skydiving or just going out and dancing, just do it. Use fun, exhilarating rewards to treat yourself to a job well done. If you love to travel, take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. You need to make sure to enjoy your achievements and appreciate all your hard work.
  • Buy something special – If you’ve had your eyes on a new piece of jewelry or a nifty electronic gadget, go for it. It’s okay to treat yourself to a fantastic reward if you’ve reached a milestone. What’s on the top of your list that you consider special? Buy something unique and specifically to acknowledge your commitment and dedication in achieving your goal or goals.
  • Get a good book – Working out and losing weight are taxing, take a break and get into that new book you’ve been talking to friends about. Find a book that really perks your interest. What’s on your top ten list that you haven’t taken the time to read yet? A great read can really stir your creative juices and you will find this is an excellent approach in rewarding yourself.
  • A trip to your favorite spa or salon – Give yourself a makeover to go with your new, leaner, tighter body. Get your hair done, have a facial, get those fingernails fixed. Just treat yourself to a little indulgence. Do something for yourself that you wouldn’t normally take the time and effort to do.

Rewarding yourself is a great way to keep motivation high for weight loss success. Your rewards, however, shouldn’t come in the form of food. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for goals and appropriate rewards, work with your trainer to set up a milestone system. Think small rewards for mini-goals and big rewards for reaching the long-term goals. If you need further insight to grow and become more successful with your goals and reward system check out this article:

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