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lean and fitLosing weight and losing fat are similar, but they do have some clear distinctions. When you’re shooting for losing fat, toning up and building muscle is one of the most helpful things you can do. Learning how to build muscle, however, is not exactly as easy as it sounds. You have to train effectively as well as consume enough calories to get your muscles to grow.

Muscle mass is extremely useful for fat loss for a very good reason. Lean muscles demand more calories per day to maintain. This means you will increase the amount of calories burned on a daily basis. The more muscle mass, the greater your body’s natural consumption of energy. When the correct food principles are being followed and your exercise program is put into place, your muscle mass will help with fat burning and maintaining your weight.

Building muscle and toning up your entire body for a better look and increased calorie burning can be helped along by following these tips:

  • Work with the right trainer to create a good overall program – When you are trying to tone up and lose fat at the same time, you want to use a multifaceted approach to exercise. A program that contains effective cardiovascular and strength training exercises is often best. You should be applying your target heart rate in your cardio sessions. On the strength training end, it is especially important to consult fitness professionals to make sure a safe, appropriate strength training protocol is applied. Over training or working without proper form will set you back quickly and often injure you.
  • Vary your exercise program – If you tend to get bored easily with exercise, let your trainer know this. There are many alternatives and options that can work your cardiovascular system and your muscle groups. The more variety built into your plan, the more likely it is you will stick with it. Ultimately, you have to find activities you enjoy and have a passion for and your stick rate will increase dramatically.
  • Consume proper nutrition based on your body – When the goal is to tone up and gain muscle, your food intake is especially important. Even if fat loss is a part of the plan, starving the body of enough calories and proper nutrition can actually hamper efforts. A portion controlled diet that is well-rounded and includes fruits, vegetables and lean protein can help with muscle building efforts. Also, limiting your sugars will provide a better fat burning state. nutritious foods
  • Drink plenty of water – Water is essential for hydrating the body – and the muscles. Make sure to keep the body well hydrated while trying to build muscle and lose fat. You need to break your fat cells down and water will enable you to send your fatty acid molecules through the bloodstream to burn at your muscle sites. Avoid sugary drinks with empty calories as they can undermine positive efforts for your fat burning.
  • Get plenty of sleep – Rest is important for good overall health. Make sure to get at least the minimum seven to eight hours to prime your body for each full day ahead. When you get adequate rest your stress hormones (like cortisol) are less likely to kick into gear and sabotage your exercise and good eating practices. This will enhance your fat burning.

Toning up and gaining muscle mass can supercharge the fat loss process, but what you put into your mouth has a huge influence on your energy as well as fat burning. Make sure to consult a fitness professional to create your program that works for your specific goals and needs and takes health and safety into consideration. A good coach will listen, ask intelligent questions, and help you apply strategies and tactics that produce your desired outcome. FREE Fitness Coaching

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