How Much Exercise Is Right For You?

the right kind of exerciseThink exercising isn’t for you? How about finding the right kind of exercise as well as the right amount? Because even a little bit of movement over the course of a week can go a long way toward improving your health in 2013 while boosting your energy levels. Discovering what’s right for you will benefit you the most.

Researchers at Oklahoma State University have discovered that even two workouts a week can have a big impact on the number of sick days you take. Their study included 79,000 workers at 250 different sites. Researchers found that people who worked out at least 20 minutes twice a week had fewer sick days than those who didn’t exercise at all. You want to feel better and get sick less, right?

The mistake that most people make is the all or nothing approach. It just doesn’t take a lot of time to benefit from exercise. A major decision should be finding an exercise or movement that you actually enjoy. There are a ton of choices out there that you can choose from. Find one or two that will provide you stamina, strength, and a healthy lifestyle.average memorable

Now, getting back to cutting down on sick days, how can two 20-30 minute aerobic or weight training sessions a week improve your life? You would be pleasantly surprised how this little amount of commitment and exercise would benefit you. Here are just a few benefits of getting active – at least a little – versus staying idle:

1. Exercising, especially when combined with eating a healthy nutrition plan that’s rich in fresh, whole foods, can help improve your overall fitness and health levels. This means you’ll be less likely to get sick because of your stronger immune system and you’ll have a better chance of getting over illnesses faster when sickness does strike.
2. Exercise can help improve your energy levels, which means you’ll have more of it to burn. If you find yourself wiped out after work and just can’t do the things you want to in your free time, exercising is a good way to remedy this. Why spend every weekend catching up on sleep only to prepare for another hard week at work? Exercise just a little and you might find you have the energy to tackle that work week and the things you really want to do for yourself. The mental component of doing something for yourself is also huge.
3. Exercising can help improve your strength and flexibility. If you find yourself shying away from activities you’d really like to do because you don’t think your body can handle them, it’s time to do something about it. Even a few short workouts a week can improve your endurance level, strength and flexibility. Why, for example, tell the kids you can’t join them for a quick pickup game of ball? You want to be part of their lives right? Start exercising in short bursts and you’ll be on the court making memories to last a lifetime in no time at all!

Improving your overall health outlook doesn’t have to demand a rigorous workout schedule that ties up five nights a week. Just get started with something small and you’ll thank yourself for it later. You are definitely worth the time and effort. Finding the optimal time and intensity varies from person to person. For advice on where to begin, consult a trainer at your local gym or fitness center. They’ll have the information you need to create simple workouts that can make a very big difference in your life. If you would like to experience something exceptional then my recommendation is for Free Fitness Coaching in order for you to learn and benefit further.

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