Rev up Metabolism in Marin with Quick Low Calorie Snack Ideas

Low Calorie Snack Recipes and Ideas

Enjoying a couple of low calorie snacks during the day may actually help in weight loss efforts by helping to maintain a vigorous metabolism while keeping hunger at bay. Eating a low calorie snack that is also loaded with nutrients keeps your body feeling good and healthy. Here are just a few low calorie snack suggestions that offer a satisfying and nutritious pick-me-up during the day.


1.  Low Calorie Hummus with Assorted Veggies


Whip up a batch of this low calorie hummus for a tasty low calorie snack with bell pepper strips and carrot sticks for dipping. Serve 1/4 cup of hummus with 1/2 cup of sliced veggies. Total Calories: About 150

2. Apples with Peanut Butter

Serve 1 small, sliced apple with 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter for dipping in this low calorie snack idea. Homemade almond butter is also delicious and very nutritious. Total Calories: About 165

3. Cheese Sticks

Mozzarella cheese sticks are not just for kids. These 1-ounce calcium and protein loaded snacks make a wonderful low calorie snack that is simple to pack along. Total Calories: 80

4. Low Calorie Garlic Pita Chips

Here’s another low calorie snack idea for when you are craving crunchy and salty. These garlic pita chips are flavorful enough to be eaten alone. However, they are even better accompanied by a low-calorie spread like light hummus, and served as a tasty appetizer or wholesome snack. Total Calories (1 serving of pita chips) 65

5. Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is a popular low calorie snack, with only about 60 calories in one small piece. But, if you are looking for something a little different, try dehydrated or dried fruit. While calories vary depending on the type of fruit, you can generally stay under 150 calories for 1/2 cup. You may even purchase you own dehydrator to make your own dried fruit.

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