The Serious Bodies Still Use the Stairs!

elevator panelYou walk up to an elevator and notice the sign for the stairs close by. You stop and consider the options but decide to press the up button and take the ride to where you’re going. You’ve chose the easy way.

Come on, admit it; you’ve done this! If you’re trying to get into shape, however, going for the ride might not be doing you any favors. Using the stairs whenever possible instead of an elevator is just a very simple way to add a little more exercise into your daily routine! Besides, it feels good and empowers you!

Even if you work on the 10th floor of a 20 story building, a little stair walking can give you a whole lot of result. Start out small, climb the stairs from the first to the second floor and then hitch the ride the rest of the way. After you can easily tackle the single flight, start adding more. You will be surprised just how much stamina and endurance you will develop. Before long, you’ll be skipping the elevator all together.

If you really want to put those stairs to good use, climb them even when you don’t have to. Rather than just take the stairs on your way into and out of work, consider using part of your lunch break to walk – or better yet – run a few flights.


Stair climbing is just a great cardiovascular activity. It gets you up and moving and your blood pumping. Plus, you’re going to find that your stamina and endurance is much more likely to increase the more regularly you work stair climbing into your routine. Lets face it we are just not physical enough anymore!

Now, let’s say you don’t work in an office with stairs or have them at home. You can still opt to climb anytime you’re in a location that has stairs. And don’t forget about the great outdoors because hill climbing is one amazing workout. Besides, you will earn a fantastic view above it all! mountain climbing

Need Other Simple Ways to Exercise?

Taking the stairs is a great place to start with adding exercise into your routine. If you’re looking for other simple measures you can take, here are a few:

1.     Run in place – This is a great way to get the blood pumping, especially if you work sitting down and just need to move once in a while. Or how about running in place in the pool? This is terrific low stress conditioning in the water. Get a few water toys like a kickboard or dumbbells.  

2.     Park far way when you’re out and about – Skip going for that front-row parking space and hike from the back lot into the office, the store and so on. You    burn more calories regularly and build your metabolism just by challenging yourself a bit. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment just keep it simple and   move.

3.     Walk – Just getting up and doing some brisk walking once or a few times a day can make a big difference. Does your workplace support this kind of activity? Perhaps you should suggest it or set the example to help others. You can make a world of difference when you make your mind up, right?

If it’s time to increase your fitness level, little measures can go a long way. For more impactful results, consider working with the experts at your local gym or fitness center. They’ll have some great advice on steps you can take to get into shape and stay that way! And please consider working with someone who will empower you and set the example for an amazing life for you. Click here to step-up: FREE Fitness Coaching

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