When You’re On The Road Are You Struggling With Your Food Choices?

food choicesEstablishing a healthy pattern or sticking to a routine when you’re trying to lose weight and get into shape can be tough. It can be even tougher when eating out and traveling at the same time. You have to develop and practice strategies that will empower you to make good choices.

Just because you’re trying to lose weight and get healthier, however, doesn’t mean you need to skip meals out with family, friends or co-workers. There are some simple tips you can use to make certain that your eating choices are supportive to your goals and desires – even when you’re not doing the cooking!

So what do you need to consider when you’re ordering from a restaurant? Here are just a few rules of thumb that are worth keeping in mind when shedding pounds is on the menu and you’re on the road but still want to enjoy some good food:

·         First, steer clear of fried foods – It’s a pretty safe bet if you’re eyeing anything on a menu that is fried, you’re going to abuse your diet. Instead of going for those French fries, consider steamed vegetables. Rather than add fried chicken to your sandwich or salad opt for grilled chicken. There are great options at most places but you have to look to improve your choices. Restaurants won’t help you unless you ask!

·         Consider salads – Most restaurants have excellent salads on their menus. Consider these over other options that might be heavier laden with calories. Be mindful, however, of what’s in a salad. Some of the extras can add up fast too, right? To play it safe, go with a house salad and order olive oil and vinegar on the side. Be careful of meats in salad – especially if they’re fried.

·         Order off the “healthy options list” – Most restaurants these days, even fast-food places have menu choices that are specifically designated as healthier. These tend to offer lower calories, often posting the calories specifically, and higher nutritional counts as well. Look for these items when it’s time to order.

·         Skip the bread or chips – Lots of restaurants offer free bread or chips and salsa for lunch or dinners. Just say no to these filler items with lots of calories and carbs. If you do want an appetizer, order a healthier choice such as a non-cream soup, a small salad or another more healthful dish.

·         The last and final tip is to immediately package half of your meal as soon as it arrives at the table. Most restaurants over feed you anyway and by packing half of your meal instantly you won’t be tempted to keep eating and clean your plate. Make two meals out of your lunch or dinner-use your hotel fridge and save it for the next day. food to go

Eating out doesn’t have to signal the end to your diet. You can enjoy yourself and still make healthy choices. Just take the time to read the options closely and order smart instead. You have so many choices but you have to prioritize your health and fitness on the road as well as when you are in your regular routines at home.

When you’re focusing on your health your food intake isn’t that complicated, unless you are emotionally eating. If you’re eating emotionally you need to ask for some professional help. Remember, though, that exercise is also a key component in a well-rounded plan even on the road. A workout will empower you to make better food choices. Be sure to visit a local gym or work with a personal trainer when you’re traveling for optimal results. If you need support and direction to get your body back I recommend: FREE Fitness Coaching


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