Are Squats The Best Exercise For You?

Are you about ready to give up on squats all together since you’re not seeing the results you want? Squatting is an amazing exercise for you if you have adequate range of motion of the ankle, knee, and hip. But there’s a pretty good chance you’re missing out on the benefits of this exercise or causing yourself pain and injury if you’re just too tight to gain the proper form to produce effective … [Read more...]

Why Are So Many People Afraid of Losing Their Balance? I’ll Tell You Why…

Have you ever noticed that people don’t like to look bad? Or that most of us only like to do things we are already good at? Let’s face it; not everyone is born with the balance and grace of a ballerina. Ask my dance partners over the years! Unfortunately, when balance is a concern, injuries can also be a problem. As long as your lack of balance isn’t caused by a medical condition, such as an inner … [Read more...]

Can Light Weights Do Anything For Me?

People who feel good about themselves are easy to spot. They’re the ones who look confident, happy and well adjusted. They tend to be successful in their pursuits and they often give others the impression they can tackle just about anything. If you’re ready to boost your self-esteem and create some of the benefits of doing so in your life, just pick up some weights and start training. While this … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Time With Opposing Muscle Groups- Are You Implementing It?

Most of us know that exercising is important for keeping weight in check even losing weight if that’s your goal while promoting good health. Even so, most people just don’t relish the prospect of working out for one minute longer than they have to. If it’s time to exercise and you want to maximize your efforts, it’s time you consider adding opposing muscle group workouts into your … [Read more...]

It’s Your Snack Time What Do You Go For?

It happens to you almost every day. Somewhere around 1pm through 4:30pm., the post-lunchtime woes tend to strike. When they do, energy wanes, perceived hunger rises and the need for a snack or pick me upper becomes evident, right? Sadly, many people rush for the sugar or caffeine to help pick them up when the lows strike, sacrificing their health in the process. While an occasional sweet snack or … [Read more...]

Fruit Can Be A Healthy Snack Alternative

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. This is especially so when your schedule demands that you be out of the house and away from healthy options on a regular basis. What you choose for a “snack” can energize you or flatten you out and have you hitting an afternoon wall. So, what can you do to get a little mid-morning or late-afternoon pick me up without destroying all your focused weight loss or … [Read more...]

Knock Your Goals Down One At A Time

Goals give you something to strive for and work toward. Without your goals, it’s easy to just let the status quo stand and do nothing to improve your lot in life. What is it you really want? And how badly do you want it? Make your decision clear and concise. Whether goals are related to health, fitness, education, work or something entirely different, setting them is important. Just writing yours … [Read more...]

Fads Come and Go; Supportive Nutrition Lasts Forever!

Lose 20 pounds in two days. Eat as much as you want and shed the pounds. Consume only pink foods to see that waistline melt away. Chow down endless amounts of cabbage soup to burn your fat away. The claims of some fad diets do sound a bit ridiculous, but that doesn't necessarily reduce their appeal. When there’s a desire to lose weight, the fastest, easiest methods can be rather attractive … [Read more...]

Why Develop Better Ankle Flexibility And Strength?

There are lots of limitations that can get in the way of your good fitness. One of the biggest involves getting taken out of the exercise game because you’ve injured yourself. While most people understand the need to warm up and move before getting too active, the ankles are often overlooked. If you think about just how much your ankles must do during the course of an average day or just a light … [Read more...]

A Pragmatic Approach To Exercise

Having enthusiasm for exercise is a fantastic mindset! After all, diving in and getting the job done is great for the body, it can reduce stress, promote weight loss, and strengthen and improve all your body systems just to name a few benefits. Too much enthusiasm, however, can cause overuse injuries and may quickly lead to burn out. That’s why it’s important to learn the ropes the right way. … [Read more...]